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PDF forms may be filled out before printing and getting signatures. Submit to the department office. Most of these are worksheets for use only within the department; the department staff will use the information from the worksheet to complete the actual required form.


Buying Request (worksheet)

Fill out, get signed, & submit to department office any time you are spending university money, to request a purchase order, a credit card payment, a campus order, or a reimbursement.

A Principal Investigator's signature (usually your supervisor) is required.

Travel, compressed gas purchases, and shipping need special information, and specialized forms are used (see below).

See instructions on completing this form.

Do not give this form to the supplier or vender!

Inventory Asset Profile

Complete & submit upon receipt of an item which is

  • over $1,000, or
  • may contain sensitive or proprietary data (e.g., computers, laptops, tablets, external drives), or
  • portable, may be used off-campus, is prone to theft, or has household use.

Also see "When Moving Equipment" below.

UShop Tutorial

PDF manual, intended to supplement online video training.  Beta version!

 Wire Transfer

Complete & submit when a company requires payment by wire transfer and does not accept credit cards.  (Be aware that wire transfers are much more difficult than regular purchase orders or credit card payments.) PI's signature required. 


Request for Supervisory Committee (worksheet)

To set up your Supervisory Committee for an M.S., Ph.D., or M.E.  The Request is due the second semester for MS students, and after the Qualifying Exam for PhD students.  Signatures required.

Program of Study (worksheet)

If all courses were taken at the University of Utah, signatures are not required.  Signatures are required if courses are being transferred or waived.

When you have completed the form, make an appointment to meet with the Office Manager to enter your information online.

Scholarship Application

Only required for incoming freshman or transfer students.  On-going students are automatically considered for scholarships.

Graduate Program Application

 Read the instructions thoroughly before starting the application.


Shipping Request (worksheet)

Complete & submit this form when shipping something. You must prepare your package for shipping. PI's signature required.


Travel Worksheet

Complete & submit when travelling on university (e.g., research) business.  Submit a copy both before and after your trip.

Renting Fleet Service Vehicle Forms

Follow the link to get all the forms that are needed.


When Moving Equipment

Complete & submit when you are moving any inventoried (red or yellow tagged) equipment, or having any equipment sent to Surplus and Salvage, or cannabilizing equipment.  Failure to notify the office of these events causes trouble during the annual equipment inventory.

Any injury occurring on campus must be reported to the department office within twenty-four hours.

To Report an Injury

complete the form "Employers First Report of Injury or Illness", on Human Resources' Workers Compensation page.

The preferred provider for work-related injuries is
    Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
        OccMed Clinic at Redwood Health Center
        1525 West 2100 South
        Salt Lake City UT 84119
        (801) 213-9777
    After hours:
        Urgent Care at the Redwood Health Center (801) 213-9700
        or University of Utah Emergency (801) 581-2291
Last Updated: 2/14/18