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Scholarships and Competitions

The prioroty scholarship deadline for next fall semester is March 1 for continuing students and April 1 for freshmen.

Late applications will be considered, but avilable funds will be very limited.

Scholarship support is often essential to ensure that you can benefit to the fullest from your time at college. Scholarships for study in Metallurgical Engineering are available, and the following information should enable you to maximize your chances of winning a scholarship from the department.

Scholarships from the Department of Metallurgical Engineering

The Department of Metallurgical Engineering has scholarships available to incoming and continuing students. Typically fifteen to twenty-five scholarships are offered to incoming freshman each year. All scholarships are merit-based. Scholarships range between $1,000 and $5,000 per academic year and may be in addition to scholarships from other sources. Presently, all continuing students who maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA while following the metallurgical engineering curriculum receive a scholarship, the value of which depends upon academic performance.

The incoming student scholarships are based upon ACT or SAT scores (particularly math), high school grade point average, and extracurricular activities. Because several factors are analyzed to determine the amount offered to incoming freshman, it is difficult to give a complete scholarship formula. Typical high school students that are offered scholarships have a 3.7 GPA and an ACT score of 27 and have participated in at least one type of extracurricular activity.

The conditions of acceptance for scholarships through the department are

  1. Follow an approved metallurgical engineering curriculum as given in the Department Undergraduate Program Guide,
  2. Register for a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester,
  3. Maintain a 3.0 GPA or better each semester, and
  4. Obtain schedule approval each semester from the department's Undergraduate Advisor, prior to the first day of classes.

Applying for a Scholarship from the Department

You may submit a scholarship application either online (Freshmen only) or by pdf (for Freshmen or for continuing or transfer students).

To submit the pdf, fill it out, print it, and sign it.  You may scan it and send as an attachment to, mail it to the address given below, or fax it to (801) 581-4937.

Freshmen should submit at least one letter of recommendation (online recommendation form, or pages 3 and 4 of the pdf application). Two letters of recommendation are suggested. These should be from school officials such as teachers or counselors who can specifically assess your high-school academic performance. If you are selected for consideration, you will be required to provide copies of high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores.

Continuing students in our program must reapply each year for department scholarships.

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Scholarships from Other Sources

There are many scholarships and other forms of student financial aid, made available from companies and other private and philanthropic organizations. You should consider applying for all scholarships that will assist you to finance your college experience. Here are several sites that have excellent information to help you to find those scholarships. Visit these sites and good luck with your search.

The Career Center of ASM International offers a variety of attractive scholarships for students who wish to study in metallurgy and other materials-related fields. This site is worth a visit.

Federal Student Aid, by the US Department of Education, is a comprehensive guide on student financial aid.

Last Updated: 3/5/19