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Material Advantage Student Chapter at the University of Utah

Welcome incoming and returning students to the Department of Metallurgical Engineering. We will like to inform everyone that we are planning to continue the Bladesmithing this coming year. Please keep an eye out for email sent by either the department or one of the officers.

MA societies

How to Join?

Contact one of the officers below to let them know you are interested in joining, so we can add you to the email list and make sure we contact you about the events going on. Also you will need to register and pay to Material Advantage at this webpage (click HERE) cost is $30 for joining the four societies listed above. Click on new user and follow the directions. By joining you are open to all the scholarships that will become available mid-fall semester (for next school year 2018 - 2019).

What is this student chapter about?

We the Materials Advantage Student Chapter are excited about the science and technology of the metallurgical world. As a group we seek to sharpen our intellect and expand our knowledge while having as much fun as possible in the fulfillment of these goals. Activities such as the TMS materials bowl, ASM science camp, and TMS Bladesmithing competition give us an opportunity to learn and grow as we creatively implement the science of metallurgy in fun and exciting ways.

ASM International Material Camp (For High School and Jr High Teachers)!!!

Thank you for everyone that came and to all the volunteers that help put this amazing camp on June 22-26, 2015 at the University of Utah, Hosted by the Department of Metallurgical Engineering. Also a shout out to all the company that helped fund this exciting camp this year. We are looking forward to next year camp, this is a lot of fun for both volunteers and teachers! Thank you to Mrs. Becky Heckman and Mr. Lonnie Dusch, the master teachers sent by ASM International and high school teachers at Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Oh, for making this camp what it is.

Conferences for this coming school year 2017 - 2018:

TMS 2018:  (click HERE for more information) This year it is in Phoenix, AZ March 11 - 15 2018. 

MS&T 2017: (click HERE for more information) This year it is in Pittsburgh, PA October 8 - 12 2017.

AISTech 2017: (click HERE for more information) This year it is in Pittsburgh, PA May 7-10, 2017. (Registration free to full time students, Material Advantage regristation required)

TMS Material Bowl:

At TMS 2016 the Material Advantage Student Chapter sent a team to compete against other schools at The Materials Bowl. The Material Bowl is a Jeopardy style game where questions are based on Material Science and Metallurgical Engineering. We won The Materials Bowl twice, once 2011 and  2016. Click HERE for more information.

 Material Bowl Team

 Left to Right: Somnaang Rou, Syamantak Roy, Andrew Laroche, and Travis Willhard

If interested please contact one of the officer's listed below:


CHAIR: Jano Farah


VICE-CHAIR: Andrew Strianese


SECRETARY: Alexander Wikstrom




  (Faculty Advisor)
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