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12.0 Student Advisory Committee (S.A.C.)

12.1 Membership

The Departmental Student Advisory Committee consists of two undergraduate and two graduate students from within the department, who are elected yearly at the end of the Spring semester. This body then meets to elect a Committee Chair and to appoint any additional members deemed necessary.

12.2 Purpose and Scope

The primary objective of the Department SAC is to promote purposeful communication between the student body and the faculty on a professional and technical as well as a social level. The following duties are illustrative of the ways in which this can be accomplished:

  1. It is the aim of the SAC, with the assistance of the faculty, to promote a feeling of professionalism among the students and to prepare the students for what will be expected of them in their careers. Special emphasis is placed on those intangible items that are difficult to transmit in a classroom environment (e.g., the demands of an industrial environment as opposed to an academic one: job availability and interviewing).
  2. Department SAC chair or its selected/elected representative serves as a member of the College Student Council.
  3. As required by university policy the SAC provides -input on any faculty member being considered for retention, tenure or promotion.
  4. The SAC assists in selecting the faculty member to receive the Mellow Met Award for Excellence in Teaching Metallurgical Engineering and the teaching assistant to receive the department award for best teaching assistant.
  5. In cases of disputes involving students and faculty the SAC acts as intermediary. In addition the SAC is prepared to offer information and counseling to any student involved.

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