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8.0 Thesis or Dissertation and Final Examination

Master of Engineering students must write a Final Report rather than a thesis or dissertation. See 6.4.5 Final Report and Examination.

8.1 Both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy

8.1.1 Submission of Thesis or Dissertation

Upon completion of his/her research, the student submits a typed draft of the thesis or dissertation to her/his Supervisory Committee Chair and final versions to his/her Supervisory Committee.

8.1.2 Thesis or Dissertation Formatting

Formatting instructions are given in Handbook for Theses and Dissertations, available from the Thesis Office, either online or for a small deposit for a printed copy. The primary style guide for theses produced in our department is Handbook for Authors from American Chemical Society Publications, American Chemical Society. Alternative standards are suggested in the Handbook for Theses and Dissertations.

8.1.3 Final Oral Examination (Thesis or Dissertation Defense)

Upon acceptance of his/her thesis or dissertation by the Supervisory Committee Chair, the student is required to orally defend his/her thesis or dissertation before the Supervisory Committee.

The candidate must be regularly enrolled at the university for three or more credit hours or for three credit hours of Faculty Consultation (MET E 6980 or 7980) during the semester or term in which the Final Oral Examination is taken.

The Final Oral Examination is given by the candidate's Supervisory Committee. The Committee Chair normally chairs the examination.

The student submits a draft of his/her thesis or dissertation to the Committee Chair at least three weeks before the Final Oral Examination and a typed copy to the Supervisory Committee at least two weeks before the examination.

Once the Final Oral Examination is scheduled, the student provides the Graduate Advisor with information on the date, time, and place of the examination, and the title of her/his presentation (usually the thesis title). This should be done at least a week before the examination.

The student prepares the form "Report of the Final Oral Examination", to be signed by the Supervisory Committee at or after the examination, indicating whether the student has passed the Final Oral Examination. The student submits the signed Report to the Graduate Advisor, Sara Wilson, who enters the date of the Final Oral Examination in the student's online record.

The examination must be passed at least six weeks before graduation. For deadlines in a particular semester, see the Graduate School Thesis Office calendar.

8.1.4 Thesis Correction, Approval, and Release

Following the defense, the student makes corrections in the thesis or dissertation as required by her/his Committee Chair and Committee.

If an international student does not receive thesis clearance the same semester as the Final Oral Examination, s/he may request a correction semester, during which s/he is not required to register yet will remain in visa status, by asking the Graduate Advisor to submit a letter to the International Student and Scholar Services.

After the Committee Chair signs the "Final Reading Approval," the student submits a printed copy of the thesis or dissertation to the Thesis Editor. The student makes corrections required by the Thesis Editor.

Following approval by the Thesis Editor, the student provides an electronic copy (pdf) of the thesis or dissertation to the Thesis Editor and to the department.

The student may submit one or more unbound printed copies of the approved thesis or dissertation with a fee for bookbinding to the Bookstore if the student wishes for a bound copy for him/herself or if the faculty advisor desires a printed bound copy.

8.2 Ph.D. Dissertation Requirements

The dissertation must embody the result of independent research and constitute a contribution of knowledge in the student's field. The intellectual and creative matter presented in the dissertation must meet the standards of the particular college, department, and the student's Supervisory Committee. The dissertation may take the form of a manuscript or manuscripts to be submitted for publication in a scholarly journal, with the graduate student as senior author. See The University of Utah General Catalog for further details.

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